If you want to mint own NFTs, or launch a NFT marketplace,
then you're at the right place.

Create, Buy, Sell and Resell NFTs

Elysium is a fully-functional online marketplace template that lets you buy, sell or trade NFT tokens.

It gives creators a direct way to sell their non-fungible assets such as artwork, and customers can purchase these assets by using a cryptocurrency.

NFT Royalties

NFT artists and content creators can receive and control royalties for their digital asset creations.

Marketplace Commission

Set a commission on every sale that goes to the marketplace.

Unlockable Content

Add unlockable content to the NFT after purchasing.

NFT Auctions

Open an auction for your NFT and sell it at the highest price

How does the marketplace work?

A quick intro to how does the NFT Marketplace work.

1. Connect Crypto Wallet & Sign up

A user connects his/her crypto wallet (Metamask) to the marketplace and signs up. You can browse without connecting, too.

2. Mint/Create NFTs & List them for sale

Based on the marketplace settings, all/only some users can create NFT. After the creation, you can list the NFT for sale.

3.Purchase & Transfer

Buyers purchase the NFT token, it gets automatically transferred to them by the marketplace.

Supported blockchains

At the moment, Elysium supports these blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon & Celo.

What our users say

Introductory Pricing Plans

As we are just starting out, we want to reward our early customers with discounted pricing plans

The prices are expected to rise after we welcome our first 50 customers.


  • Elysium license for 1 project
  • Basic Elysium NFT marketplace features
  • Bitbucket repository access
  • E-mail support
  • Updates for 1 year

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  • Elysium license for unlimited projects
  • Basic + Unlimited Elysium NFT marketplace features
  • Bitbucket repository access
  • E-mail support
  • Slack support
  • Updates for 1 year

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 Payment secured by Paddle.com. VAT (where applicable) is not included in the price.

Basic Features

Mint NFT
Sell NFT
Resell & Cancel Sale
Calculate & claim profits
NFT Detail Page
NFT Transaction History
Unlockable Content
Marketplace commission
User Registration & Login
User Gallery
Seller Ranks
Marketplace Activity Stats
Users Whitelist
Category Listing & Filters
NFT Search
User Search
Contact Page & Form
Dark & Light Mode
NFT Auctions

Unlimited Features

Ability to promote your NFT for a custom fee that determined by admin
Give the admin the ability to approve every user mint before publishing to the marketplace
Blocking inappropriate NFTs by admin
Ability to use your own token as a way of payment
Ability to Limit User's NFT minting to a certain number of NFTs
Add custom properties to your NFT on minting

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